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Top 5 best camping locations at Danang

Are you looking for some camping sites in Da Nang but don't know where? Then let Pavilion Hotel Da Nang tell you Top 5 best camping locations at Danang with today's favorite vintage view!

1. DAD CAMP - Classical

DAD CAMP - Classical is a Da Nang camping site located in Hoa Trung village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. For a long time, the Hoa Vang district has developed many experiential and ecological tourism models. DAD CAMP - Classical is one of the pioneers of this type of tourism. This place was built to preserve the ecosystem. DAD CAMP - Classical aims to create a friendly environment for residents and visitors to visit.

DAD CAMP - Classical is loved by many tourists and chosen as a camping place for family, and friends,... Currently, the Da Nang camping site DAD CAMP - Classical will limit the number of guests, so the camping area will usually be not too crowded. On holidays or weekends, this place also organizes light acoustic music nights, suitable for those who like a chill space after busy days with life.


2. An Nhien Farm

It would be remiss if An Nhien Farm was not mentioned in the list of camping sites in Da Nang. This place is an eco-tourism area that has appeared for many years. If you need a place to relax, and "refresh" yourself after a tiring day at work, here can meet your needs. An Nhien Farm was built on a land plot of nearly 3 hectares. But the members of An Nhien Farm just renovated more than 1 hectare to plant trees and grow vegetables... The remaining land An Nhien farm is used for infrastructure.

Visitors can visit the common house, picnic area, creative workshop, lodging house, furniture processing workshop, and self-sufficient vegetable garden, ... when coming to An Nhien Farm. Some activities visitors will experience at An Nhien Farm such as Woodworking activities in the Moc Workshop class, moments of enjoying a BBQ in the garden, experience of camping, sleeping in a tent, or getting up early to catch the sunrise and have breakfast in the valley. In addition, visitors can also visit the common house, picnic area, creative workshop, furniture processing workshop, and self-sufficient vegetable garden, ... available at An Nhien Farm. It can be seen that this is a camping site in Da Nang worth experiencing.


3. Toom Sara Village

Toom Sara is a name derived from the language of the Co Tu people. Toom Sara village is also a long-standing place of Co Tu people in Hoa Phu. In the Cotu language, "Toom" means stream and "Sara" is the name of a flower. Toom Sara village has been developed by Hoa Phu Commune People's Committee and people here to become an attractive eco-tourism destination. Up to now, this place has become a camping site in Da Nang attracting hundreds of visitors every week.

Toom Sara camping site was built by Co Tu artisans according to a model of a traditional Co Tu village. With 1 Gol house, there will be many Moong houses around. At Toom Sara village, visitors can combine many forms of homestay and experience. If you are a person who loves to explore and learn about the culture of the Co Tu people, you can experience the traditional types of people here. For example, brocade weaving; watching the tung-da da dance, and gong dance; enjoying Phu Tuc can wine, a specialty of Co Tu, or the rich cuisine of the people.


4. Hoa Bac Ecolodge

Hoa Bac Ecolodge tourist area is a camping site in Da Nang about 40km from the city center. This is also a new place that is being sought after by young people recently. At Hoa Bac Ecolodge, you will find inner peace and relaxation. This is a place to relax after stressful moments of life.

Title: Top 5 best camping locations at Danang - Hoa Bac Ecolodge

Note: Hoa Bac Ecolodge

Many people often compare Hoa Bac Ecolodge to a miniature Da Lat because of its poetic beauty. Hoa Bac Ecolodge has quiet nature and fresh and cool air. With spacious space, this is a camping site in Da Nang with a view of rice fields and mountains. When coming here, you can experience services such as camping, parties, and outdoor weddings. Or simply a birthday party, cozy with loved ones.


5. Yen Retreat

Starting to be exploited and used in May 2019, Da Nang Yen Retreat camping site is a famous destination in Hoa Bac commune that is loved by many people. With a total area of 3.3ha, it is being exploited to the maximum into an eco-tourism area. At Yen Retreat, visitors can participate in fishing, kite flying, and camping activities among many other interesting activities. According to Mr. Bui Duc Vu, owner of Yen Retreat eco-zone, guests in Yen are always limited to 60 people. To ensure a play space and limit noise.

Before coming to the Da Nang Yen Retreat camping site, visitors will be informed about the regulations here. In addition to the available activities, visitors can also experience the local traditional craft villages. Thereby preserving a better understanding of the cultural identity of the local people in Hoa Bac.


The above article is the Top 5 best camping locations at Danang that Pavilion Hotel wants to send to visitors. To be able to reach these locations most conveniently, you can stay at the Pavilion Hotel. Make a reservation today before the room "burns out"!

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