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Da Nang travel experience you need to pocket

Every year, Da Nang city welcomes millions of domestic and foreign tourists. If you are intending to come to this city, please refer to the Da Nang travel experience you need to pocket.

Every year, Da Nang city welcomes millions of domestic and foreign tourists. If you are intending to come to this city, please refer to the Da Nang travel experience you need to pocket.

1. What time should I go to Da Nang?

As a city in the central part of the country, Da Nang is heavily influenced by the tropical monsoon climate. Therefore, if you want to visit many tourist attractions in Da Nang, you should go in the dry season. Because the dry season in Da Nang is usually from January to July. This is the time when several tourists flock to Da Nang lot. The weather is sunny with little rain. More importantly, this is also the time when the scenery in Da Nang is more beautiful than ever.

When is the right time to go to Da Nang?


However, when traveling to Da Nang in these months, you should book a room in advance to be able to choose a nice room class as you like. At the same time, limit the situation of running out of rooms. If you prefer to stay at a central hotel with rich amenities, Pavilion Hotel Danang is the ideal choice. 

2. What necessary items should be brought when traveling to Da Nang?

Whether you are traveling to Da Nang on your own or with your family, it is extremely important to prepare the necessary items. So what necessary equipment should be equipped to make the trip more perfect? That answer is:

  • Beach and outing clothes.

  • Sports shoes, flats or sandals.

  • It is indispensable for skin care products and sunscreen.

  • Simple medical supplies such as medicine for colds, colic, wind oil, medicine for motion sickness or motion sickness, and bandages.

  • Toiletries or other personal papers.


5 certain items to bring when traveling to Da Nang on your own

3. Which means of transport should you use in Da Nang?

In Da Nang, you can use many different means of transportation. Since this is a tourist city, private or public transport will also be very popular. Here are 3 means of transport you can refer to when traveling in Da Nang.

Rent a motorbike or car

There are many tourists when traveling to Da Nang who choose to rent motorbikes or cars to move on their journey. Self-sufficient car rental will help you be more proactive in terms of time. You can rent a car right at the hotel because many hotels now support this service. If you stay at the Pavilion Hotel, it will be very convenient to move to famous tourist destinations.

Motorbike taxi or technology taxi

Da Nang currently has a lot of technology car applications and traditional motorbike taxis to serve your travel process. Booking a car is also very easy with just a few taps on your smartphone. Some of the top technology car apps in Da Nang you can refer to are Grab, Be, Loship, Mai Linh taxi app, and Maxim app,...

There are many technology car booking applications in Da Nang


Like many other cities, buses in Da Nang are also a convenient means of mtoingtoo the city center. Most of the famous tourist attractions have bus routes passing through. Therefore, traveling by bus to visit the city is also very easy. However, there will be a small obstacle if you are a person prone to motion sickness.

4. Nice and cheap hotel in Da Nang

Coming to Da Nang but do not know where to stop, please immediately refer to the Pavilion Hotel. This is a hotel located in the My Khe Beach area. As a 4-star luxury resort hotel, Pavilion owns attractive rooms and facilities. With the location of the hotel, it only takes you 1 minute to walk to the sea, and 10 minutes to move a motorbike from the airport.

Pavilion Da Nang currently has 23 floors with 96 rooms. It will be divided into 7 different room classes. The interior of each room will be designed in a modern style. Bring a private and cozy space like your own home. In addition to the main room system, the hotel also provides a gym, Sky Bar, and swimming pool. This is also the hotel in the list of top 5 hotels with the most impressive sky bar today.

Pool area at Pavilion Hotel

5. What to buy as a gift when traveling to Da Nang

What to buy in Da Nang as a gift is also a matter of great interest to tourists. If you don't know what to bring home as gifts for relatives and friends, try our suggestions.

A specialty as a gift not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang is dried squid. Next is beef jerky - the top delicious dishes in Da Nang that visitors cannot miss. Or dishes made from dried seafood. For example, milk squid with rim tamarind, and dried beef with a spicy rim to seasoning sauces. Or simply mouth-watering snacks such as grilled coconut cakes dried, Dry bread manufacturing facility sesame Ms. Lieu Mother, ...

Special dishes as gifts when coming to Da Nang

The above article is the entire Da Nang travel experience you need to pocket. Hopefully, with the above sharing, you have answered the question of when to go to Da Nang, and where to go to Da Nang. And the most important thing is to book a room with Pavilion now to have a savings combo when coming to Da Nang.

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