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27/06/2022 View: 795

Top 5 best-rated Danang hotels

Da Nang is known as a coastal city that offers an interesting travel experience. And the places to stay here will also bring quality services to you. Pavilion Hotel will recommend the Top 5 best-rated Danang hotels you cannot ignore when coming here.

1. Pavilion Hotel Danang

Pavilion Hotel Da Nang is a luxury resort hotel located on the beautiful My Khe beach road. The hotel is only 2km from the city center and about 4km from Da Nang international airport. From the Pavilion you only take about 1 minute to walk to the sea. If you want to visit the Son Tra peninsula or Linh Ung pagoda, the location of the Pavilion Hotel will be very convenient for you to move. Da Nang Pavilion Hotel has a modern design style. The space at the hotel is synchronized from color to layout.

Pavilion Hotel is at the top of the top-rated Da Nang hotels. Owning 23 floors, its serving capacity includes 96 rooms divided into 7 different room classes. Each room at Pavilion Hotel is a separate and cozy space. The hotel always wants to give guests a feeling of closeness and comfort as at home. When coming to Pavilion Hotel, guests will be able to use the facilities available at the hotel. For example, Gym, Sky bar, and luxurious check-in swimming pool. Pavilion Hotel has the motto of considerate, professional, and attentive service. The hotel's services are the reason why Pavilion is a well-reviewed Danang hotel.

Contact Info:

Address: 35 Vo Van Kiet, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City



Hotline: 02366 255 688

2. Sala Danang Beach Hotel

If referring to the well-reviewed Danang hotel, it is impossible not to mention Sala Danang Beach Hotel. This is a hotel under the brand name Sala Beach Hotel. The hotel currently has 25 floors, serving a capacity of 162 rooms. All rooms have a view overlooking the My Khe sea. The design of Da Nang Sala Beach hotel is impressive when visitors can admire the panoramic view of My Khe beach from sunrise to sunset through the balcony.

When staying at Sala Danang Beach Hotel, guests will have relaxing moments while soaking in the infinity pool. For families with small children, the hotel also arranges a play area right at the swimming pool for the children. Also, you can have some of your favorite drinks and snacks. All will be served at the hotel's rooftop bar. Surely this will be a well-rated Danang hotel that will bring you a great stay.


3. Stella Maris Beach Danang

As one of the highly-rated 4-star Da Nang hotels. Stella Maris Beach Danang welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Stella Maris Beach is located on Vo Van Kiet Street, just a few minutes away from famous locations. Currently, Danang Stella Maris Beach Hotel has all 97 rooms. Each room is fully equipped with essential amenities. The space at the hotel is beautifully decorated in a modern European style. Depending on the room type, guests can enjoy the full view of My Khe beach or the landscape of the city.

If you have come to Stella Maris Beach Danang, you should not miss some relaxing services such as massage, sauna, spa, and even Gym. The most prominent feature and also the point that helps Stella Maris Beach - a well-reviewed Danang hotel is probably the luxurious Rooftop swimming pool. The swimming pool is located on the rooftop, next to Crystal Blu. From here, visitors will have a 180-degree panoramic view of the dreamy Son Tra peninsula and the beautiful My Khe beach.


4. Fivitel Boutique Da Nang

Fivitel Boutique Da Nang is a well-reviewed Danang hotel located in the city center. In addition to providing accommodation and accommodation, Fivitel Boutique also has many other accompanying facilities. Examples, such as outdoor swimming pool, spa, gym, bar, business centers, and many other facilities.

When coming to Fivitel Boutique, you will feel a close and bold Asian space. With yellow-orange-white tones as the main color, Da Nang Fivitel Boutique Hotel brings a cozy and close atmosphere to all guests staying and relaxing here. Currently, the hotel has 19 floors. The maximum capacity hotel can serve up to 74 rooms.


5. Bluesun Hotel

Bluesun is loved by many travelers and it is not surprising that Bluesun is a well-reviewed Danang hotel. With its location on Pham Van Dong street, it takes only a few minutes for visitors to move to the Han River and My Khe beach. The hotel currently has 110 rooms with 4 different room types. There are Deluxe, Suite, VIP, and Apartment. The space of each room is designed according to the inspiration of combining luxury and elegance in contemporary European architecture. In addition, each room will be equipped with more amenities. Fully meet the needs of visitors.

Bluesun Hotel has Neptune Sky Coffee & Bar located on the 17th and 18th floors. In addition, the hotel also has Blue Moon Spa with a Mercury pool. These are 2 facilities to serve the needs of body care and for visitors to relax after a long tiring day. The hotel also serves many other attractive facilities that make many visitors "fall in love" when staying here.


The above article is the top 5 best-rated Da Nang hotels that we would like to suggest to you if you come to the coastal city of Da Nang. If you want to learn more about the hotel's room types and facilities, please contact Pavilion Hotel DaNang for advice!

Author: Nguyen Thuy Duong

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